Sunday, June 20, 2021
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106 free anti-rabies injections to dogs

Khargone The city’s Stray Animal Welfare Organization imposed anti-rabies injections to dogs. On Sunday and Monday, the organization vaccinated free dogs by campaigning. Sanchita Raghuvanshi, president of the organization, said that the summer season is coming. This makes dogs feared to be rabies. Many times dogs are bitten by humans. This initiative was taken to prevent this. In the campaign, 56 anti-rabies injections were given to 56 dogs on the first day and 50 on the second day. They were belted to identify the dogs. Number written on the belt. Photographs of dogs were also taken. After 28 days, these dogs could be given booster dose. During this time, the couple of the organization Geetha, Atharva Kanungo, Ashi Joshi etc. were present. Veterinarians like Dr. Amritlal Sharma, Dr. Khemendra Rocade, Dr. Bhupendra, Dr. Ajay, Dr. Manish Pal also support the organization. This organization has been working to feed dogs for three years. Members feed around 200 dogs every day. Sick dogs are also treated.

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