Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Usha company’s tailoring machine is going to get the family of the helpless due to the news

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: Four to five days ago, news was also published about the family of the helpless and destitute Moni Debnath of Madhya Para area of Charilam. Poor Moni has been working as a maid for the next 27 years. She is doing housework and raising a family with her two young children and a sick husband. Moni’s husband is a blacksmith. Knows tailoring work. But there is no machine. No money. Extremely poor. If you see a tailoring shopkeeper on the day of Pujo, go and work as a salesman. In return, he takes care of his family with as little as possible. Moni works as a housemaid in four houses. With three surgeries on his body, Ocher worked as a maid at home and raised a family. Anil Debnath’s house in Madhyapara area is rented for 500 rupees. Own home is nothing. There is no BPL card face. Somehow he spent the day. Sometimes there is rice in the house, sometimes there is no time. Four people come to work at home and have to sleep without eating for a long time. Samir Pal, distributor of Agartala G Laboratory Pharmaceutical Company, Abhijit Dev and distributor of Usha Company came forward after seeing the story of helpless Monir in newspapers and TV channels. While searching, they went to the house of the helpless and destitute Moni Debnath on Sunday. Monir was not at home then. Moni’s house was near the house. They went to Moni’s house and found Moni’s husband Balai Karmakar. Abhijit Dev, a distributor of Battala Friends Drugs in Agartala, and Samir Pal Moni, the husband of Balai Karmakar, promised to hand over the tailoring machine of a Usha company to Monir’s husband next Tuesday. So that the blacksmith can take care of the family by working with this machine.

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