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Titan Eyeplus Ensures Comfort and Clear Vision with the New Anti-Fog Lenses

Bangalore, India (Newsvoir)

With the onslaught of the Pandemic, Life, as we know, has transformed massively. While we are coming to terms with social distancing, sanitising; Masks have become an integral part of every human face today.

In the past few months spectacle users had to endure a new phenomenon, fogging of lenses, every time they put on masks. This is not only a major irritant but also a potential hazard especially while climbing stairs, driving or even just walking on the street. One missed step in “a moment of fog” could be costly. Specs users surely have been feeling a bit helpless as there seems no way out of this!

Titan Eyeplus, India’s leading eyewear brand, understood this helplessness and is addressing this evolving need through the introduction of a new range of Anti-Fog Lenses.

Introducing the need for the new lens category Mr. Saumen Bhaumik, CEO, Eyewear Division, Titan Company Limited said, “We realised this need early but there was a feeling that COVID too will pass soon. As it seems now that we are going to have to live with the mask for a while, we came up with a plausible solution. Our Anti-Fog lenses can certainly minimize fogging and give you clear and comfortable vision.”

Apart from providing fog free vision the Anti-Fog lenses also come along with anti-reflective and blue filter coating.

As we gear up to securely face the world from behind a mask let’s also see it clearer with the new Anti – Fog lenses available at all Titan Eyeplus stores and online at – starting at an affordable price of INR 1849.

About Titan Eyeplus

Titan Eyeplus is India’s leading optical retail chain with over 580 stores across 230 cities and towns. The eyewear store hosts a variety of over 1000 frames and sunglasses from 40+ brands like Titan, Fastrack, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger and premium brands like Cartier, Dior, among many others. Titan Eyeplus stores offer customized range of lenses for every prescription power and lifestyle need. Stylish frames start from Rs. 599, while high-quality lenses start at Rs. 395, making it the ultimate shopping destination for all budgets. Contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb, Alcon Ciba Vision, and J&J are also available. 

Titan Eyeplus has constantly been pushing the edge on innovation and has recently launched audio & video sunglasses at an aggressive price of 3499 and 5999 respectively. Titan has also launched a breakthrough in lens technology in the form of ClearSight lenses which offers unparalleled clarity and durability, as tested by Colts Laboratory, US. Flip-on an eyewear product that combines spectacles and sunglasses into one, making it an affordable and convenient option for the bespectacled to step out and powered Titan sunglasses have been other innovations brought to the customers by Titan Eyeplus. Core differentiations of Titan Eyeplus is their zero error, free eye test by optometrists trained and certified by Sankara Nethralaya and their award-winning customer service.

Source Name:Titan Eyeplus

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