Become A Headline Auditor

We at Headline Network are building a body of thought leaders from diverse industries to serve as a verification board for news of significance. We are a citizen journalism platform with a thesis to democratise news media. We have thousands of citizens registered with us who double up as journalists and share local news. We are currently in the process of onboarding industry leaders such as yourselves to team up with us as an authority in your space to verify the authenticity of these news.

What would be expected of you:

1) Every time a significant news story is published related to your industry, you would receive a notification asking if you would like to verify it.

2) You can simply click, Yes/No or Verify Anonymously based on your preference.

3) Once verified by you, the news goes live with a tag that says “Verified By Your Name” or “Verified Anonymously”

4) We understand you have a busy schedule and would not be bothering you with more than 4-6 such actions per week. You can also decide if you prefer to be communicated with over email or WhatsApp, every time a news story verification request is sent your way.

What can we provide for you:

We truly appreciate your time and participation in helping us democratise media. No amount of deliverables from our end can compensate. However, The items mentioned below are just a way for us to communicate gratitude for you supporting our effort:

1) Early access to latest citizen news related to your industry

2) Feature on “Verification Board” section, along with with other prominent personalities from diverse industries.

3) A genuine Thought Leadership building opportunity in a meaningful sense by becoming an authority on certain topics, We facilitate this be promoting news with “Verified By Your Name” tag to thousands of our readers.

Do fill out the form if you would be open to exploring this association. Our team would be happy to take things forward and help you with the onboarding.

Appreciate your time.
Thanks and Regards.

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